Planning for Cheap Tropical Vacations

There’s nothing quite as lush, relaxing, and rejuvenating as a tropical vacation. Actually, there is something better than a tropical vacation.. cheap tropical vacations! Saving money and carefully planning things can help you get more out of your vacation for less money!

There are some great tropical holiday locales, like Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, Hawaii, and other places but many of these vacation spots are more on the expensive side. You can enjoy yourself at cheaper tropical vacation spots, too.

Where Do You Want To Go?

There are a lot of different places to go for cheap tropical vacations that can be budget-friendly. Some popular tropical vacation spots are more expensive than others but some of the popular but less expensive ones include:

Antigua, Barbados, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico. In these locales, you’ll find a range of cheaper to more expensive accommodations.

Cheap Tropical Vacations

Vacation Budgeting Tips

Once you decide where you’re going, you’ll want to set up your budget to include:

  • Basic costs – Airfare, hotel, taxes.
  • Costs to get ready to go – medical insurance, any special vaccinations, taxis, buying items you’ll want to take on your vacation, and so on.
  • Meal money – Are you staying at an all inclusive resort? If not, you’ll want to factor meal money into your budget. It’s wise to look at pricing for the local area you’re visiting so you can plan accordingly. Restaurants may have menus online and you may also read recommendations from other budget travelers.
  • Cash for tips and other incidental expenses.
  • Money for any day trips you’d like to take while away.
  • Cash for souvenirs to bring back.
  • Plan for emergencies. Make sure you can access additional money above and beyond what you’ve budgeted for.

The internet has made it a great time for travelers to get well informed about destinations, range of accommodations, and about pricing. There are great ways to save money so you can enjoy cheap tropical vacations without simply blindly getting on a plane. Do take the time to check out the vicinity you’ll be staying in so you can:

a) Be sure that you really want to go.
b) Find ways to cut costs as much as possible. A bit of research can go a long way and save you a lot of money.

Bon Voyage!

Choosing the best cheap tropical vacation spot will depend on what you envision for your vacation. Are you going for a honeymoon or anniversary trip? Is this going to be a family vacation? What type of hotel accommodations are you looking for? What sort of activities do you have planned? When choosing the best cheap tropical vacations destinations make sure you choose a destination that is congruent with your ideal of a great holiday.

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